Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton, Ontario

Regularly vacuuming the carpets in your Hamilton, Ontario home or business is only effective for so long. Eventually, heavy foot traffic, food and drink spills and pet messes start to take a toll, and your carpets need a little more help.

That’s when Kleen Rite’s professional carpet cleaning services come to the rescue!

Family on Carpet

Kleen Rite: The #1 Carpet Cleaners in Hamilton, Ontario

When you choose Kleen Rite to clean your Hamilton, Ontario business’ or home’s carpets, rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with our cleaning techniques. We use only the best products and equipment to ensure the highest quality carpet cleaning service is provided.

Let us work our magic to remove that pet stain or unpleasant odour in your carpets! After pre-treating any heavy soiled carpet, our professional steam cleaning machines get to work restoring the carpets.

Besides being the most effective and thorough way of cleaning carpets, steam cleaning leaves no soap, residue or dirt behind. Instead, the carpets in your Hamilton, Ontario home or business are simply left looking their best!

Prevent Future Bacteria and Mould with Kleen Rite’s Steam Cleaning Methods

The high heat used in our top-of-the-line steam cleaning machines guarantees that any bacteria living in your carpet is removed.

Plus, we prevent mould from forming on your newly cleaned carpets by ensuring it dries properly. The same cannot be said of other carpet cleaning methods such as dry or dry foam carpet cleaning.

Familiar with Cleaning All Types of Carpets

No job is too big or too small when it comes to Kleen Rite’s carpet cleaning professionals! Whatever type of carpet you have in your Hamilton, Ontario home, know that Kleen Rite can be counted on to clean it right.

Frieze, cut pile, cable, Berber, and Saxony are only a handful of the carpet types that we have experience cleaning. Each one requires a slightly different cleaning method, and we have the experience to know which works best!

Contact Us Today for Your Hamilton, Ontario Carpet Cleaning Needs!

Why not stack your cleaning services together to get them all out of the way in one visit? Kleen Rite makes this easy by offering upholstery and duct cleaning, in addition to carpet cleaning!

For the most professional and experienced Hamilton, Ontario carpet cleaners, look no further than Kleen Rite! Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services.