Kleen Rite Oakville

At Kleen Rite, we take pride in serving residents of Oakville with professional carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Our customers have trusted us for years because they know that our team of professional technicians will get the job done right the first time. We are so confident with our results, that if you are not completely satisfied, we will return to redo the job for you.

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Whether you require carpet, duct or upholstery cleaning – or even multiple services, you can be assured that when a Kleen Rite technician does the job, you are getting the absolute best both in quality and customer service.

Carpet Cleaning in Oakville

Let’s face it. While carpets can be beautiful and luxurious adding warmth to any room, over time they collect dirt, debris, and stains. Carpets take abuse from spills, dirty paws, and kids who forget to wipe their feet.

Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis can help, but it won’t clean out the particles that have worked their way deeper into your carpet. For that, you will need professional steam cleaning. While other methods have been introduced to the market, steam cleaning is still the most effective way to remove stains, dirt, and debris without leaving any harsh cleaning chemicals behind.

And when you hire Kleen Rite to do the job, you can be confident that our technicians will only leave behind a clean, fresh carpet.

Duct Cleaning in Oakville

The air quality in your home is directly tied to how well your home’s duct system is functioning. When ducts become dirty or clogged, you will begin to notice dust accumulating more quickly in your home. If you or a family member has allergies or other respiratory issues, these could worsen as a result.

In order to clean your home’s ducts and help ensure the best possible air quality in your home, Kleen Rite technicians clean your ducts using methods that are both effective and environmentally safe. Our duct cleaning technologies include using negative air systems and high pressure compressed air.

Upholstery Cleaning in Oakville

Remember when your furniture was new? Remember how bright and fresh it looked? Over time, however, those favourite pieces such as recliners, love seats and sofas, start to get a little tired looking. This is because they are subject to dirt particles from clothing, food spills, sticky little fingers and other hazards of daily living.

Fortunately, with professional steam cleaning from Kleen Rite, you can have bright and fresh looking furniture again. Our team has expertise in not only lifting deep down dirt out of upholstery, but also in stain removal and even in cleaning and restoring leather furniture.

Kleen Rite did a fabulous job for us. Courteous, considerate, got on with the job and most importantly, did it professionally and properly, even when we had unintended overlaps with other contractors in the house.It is increasingly rare to find services carried out by people that care – I wish there more like Kleen Rite.

Adrian, Oakville

The Kleen Rite Difference

The Kleen Rite team is standing by ready to help you with your carpet, duct or furniture cleaning needs. If you require help in any of these areas, we invite you to contact us today. One of our highly professional and experienced technicians will schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

They will inspect the area to be cleaned and let you know ahead of time what results they will be able to achieve before setting to work to give you a thorough and quality job.

If you live in the Oakville area and are looking for a true professional to perform your carpet, duct or upholstery cleaning, then contact Kleen Rite today!